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    Well I am sure some of you know that I have had a decent history on these forums for starting games that never really went anywhere. The latest of which was POKéMON GOLDEN HEIGHTS, a POKéMON GOLD/SILVER/CRYSTAL remake. I would like to assure you that while this game may go through times where progress will be very slow, I really do want to finish this one.

    I have been planning POKéMON IRIDIUM since at least FEB. 2007. Storylines, the region, and other details have been in the works for a very long time. Because of this I am very excited to continue working on this game. Progress tends to be slower than most, but that is because I do massive amounts of event coding and event testing as I map the region and I do the story coding as I map also.


    The town you have grown up in, it is the home to PROF. ASPEN'S lab and starter park. It's the gateway to your adventures through IRIHO.

    The first stop in the quest to find your mother. It is also home to MATT'S POKéMON GYM, which is the first gym in the IRIHO POKéMON LEAGUE CHALLANGE.

    The second stop in the quest to find your mother. Home to KENZI'S Electric POKéMON GYM, the POKéGEAR COMPANY, and the FRESHORE LIGHTHOUSE.
    The legend tells of an ancient POKéMON whose power was unlike any other POKéMON's.
    This POKéMON was rule of the change in the seasons and therefore was able to manipulate the seasons and ultimatly time as it pleased.
    This POKéMON was tracted for many years, there was great mystery involving how this POKéMON was able to manipulate the seasons.
    People hunted and hunted this POKéMON, some for good purposes, some for horribly evil purposes. No one prevaled
    Until the day this POKéMON became was captured and killed that is...

    Hundreds of years later this POKéMON's orgin has been traced to the region of Iriho, a region south of Sinnoh, west of Kanto.
    Yet no trace of it was ever found in this region...until now.
    TEAM DISASTRO has found word that a single shard of amber is in the possesion of the Iriho POKéMON Science Institute,
    This shard contains a single hair of the ancient POKéMON, this hair holds enough genetic material to resurect the Shifter of Seasons.
    TEAM DISASTRO will stop at nothing to resurect this elusive POKéMON and control the seasons and causes chaos.
    They mustn't be allowed to do this.

    The Iriho POKéMON Science Institute knows of the DNA fragment and decided the best thing to do would be to hide it.
    They gave it to your mother, an retired IPSI official, and when she went off for business in VANTRA CITY, she left it to you.

    While your mother was in VANTRA CITY, TEAM DISASTRO found out where the IPSI hid the shard...They went after your mother...
    Now you must find your mother while also keeping TEAM DISASTRO away from the amber shard containing the Shifter of Seasons' DNA

    • Full POKéMON battle system
    • Full POKéMON menu/PC system
    • Explore the new region of IRIHO, and meet new people
    • Includes the 386 advance generation POKéMON plus a few SINNOH POKéMON

    The Starters
    Scraped For Now.

    If anyone has concepts/Art/sprites or things of that nature they would like to see in the game please PM me. Please do not try to get your things added that you have already given to other projects. Thank you sincerely.

    There are about 44 screen shots so far, so i decided to put them into spoilers so, I hope you will please look at the spoilers!





    • To have a full POKéMON experience
    • To be able to encounter new POKéMON exclusive to IRIHO

      ~THE TEAM
      • Minorthreat09876-Creator
      • BlackRainbow* - Thinker-Creates ideas for the game
      As you can see the team is currently very small, I am looking for Spriters and Fakemon Designers to help fill out our team. If you or someone you know would like to join the team PM me or have them PM me so we can chit chat about the Pokemon Iridium team.
    Myself - A majority of the project
    Poccil - Starter Kit
    Wichu - Major, major scripting assistance
    Fangking Omega - Tileset, Char. Sets
    Mateo - Tiles he made for Fangking Omega
    Avatar - Char. Sets
    darkcookie_93 -Some aspects of the Story!
    Cheese - DP bag Rips
    Kyledove-Tile inspiration and Such


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    Right now I am looking for people who would like to create new POKéMON for the IRIHO region.
    I am also looking for spriters to help sprite POKéMON, and TRAINERS.