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    OK, I made an animation of the title screen, to show that it's not just like that. (WARNING: Large file size)

    Sorry for the random coloured pixels in the animation - GIFs can only use a certain number of colours, so a few pixels get changed.

    Backmaster, if you want to make some banners, feel free to do so.
    EDIT: Sorry, didn't see you there :P.
    I already have the starters ready, but if yours are better, I might consider it. You could PM me a few of your Pokémon designs, if you want.
    If you have any suggestions for new moves, please post them too!
    I probably won't have much use for the routes, because I already have a world map (see first post). Dungeon designs would be welcome; I could PM you a list of some dungeons, if you want to plan them out.