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    Name: Elise Sofia de Vaan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Grade: Year 12
    Appearance: Her appearance is rather emo; she still wears the girls school uniform and her hair is raven black, reaching almost to her middle back. It is kept in a neat pigtail fashion with gray and white ribbons. Elise reaches an average height of 5'4 and her body weight is also very average, meaning she isn’t too fat nor is she too skinny. Although, she does tend to be very self-conscious of her body but she doesn’t mind when boys smile at her. However, she wears her skirt at knee length with a pair of thick black stockings that go upto her thighs and pair of black dress shoes. A dark red ribbon is tied loosely around her neck. Although she may not look like it; she is very frail, gets sick easily and also bruises easily, often in a result of her frequent clumsiness.

    Personality: Elise is very quiet; she tends to keep to herself and doesn’t have many
    Friends. Her voice is rather faint when she talks. There isn’t much to be said about her except that she is very shy and lacks a lot of social skills; she does have a huge amount of energy inside her but because of her shy personality, no one would ever suspect the sweet innocent girl hiding deep inside her soul. When it comes to schoolwork, Elise is very smart; she never fails any of her classes even through sickness and she gets everything done before she decides to do anything else.

    History: Elise had been abused by her mother ever since her father passed away; she now lives with her grandfather and takes care of him. However, she remains emotionally scarred by her mother’s brutal abuse towards her and has learned to be emo and more closed toward her emotions. Her father had died when she had turned four, that’s when her mother stopped caring for her, telling her she was a mistake and often abused her. Elise was then taken out of her mother's house at the age of ten and has lived with her grandfather ever since.

    Other: Elise’s biggest goal for High School is to meet at least one good friend; she wants to over come her shyness and try to find a new passion, someone that will always stick by her when things get rough and maybe even find a guy who will love her for who she is.

    Elise can be find wandering in the library, looking for a book; she prefers getting school work done and enjoys listening to music as well.
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