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    Well, this is interesting...I honestly didn't expect it to occur like this, but I have 2 options regarding the game:

    1. Completely change the "meteor" plot and make something else
    2. Put in some further details later in the game to bring the logic back in, because honestly, when I thought of the idea for this game last January, I don't know why I didn't put much thought into defining the line between actuality and fiction.

    But I've decided that there will be some 'hidden' details regarding why the player didn;t die. While this issue may not be prevalent till the second Beta, I'll make that another factor the player has to discover throughout the game's story.

    But anyway, time to start quote-knocking.

    Originally Posted by adamb241 View Post
    Here are some bugs:
    1. If you faint before reaching the first Pokecent you have to do the entire first part of the game again....
    2. When that happens and you pick a Pokémon you will then have two Pokémon instead of one....
    3. The man on the first Route is talking about Varidian City....
    4. How are you suppose to beat a gastly with Pokémon what only know normal type moves?
    5. Mapping errors in the first town....
    6. Mapping errors on the lakes in emerald park.

    I like it a lot your maps...
    2. Are you serious? That's weird...the flag should be permanently set once you get the first Pokemon. I'll have to look into that one.
    3. That came from sheer laziness on my part. I'll fix that asap.
    4. On Route 1, you can catch wild Doduo's if you have enough Pokeballs. I sort of intended that to prompt you to have a flying Pokemon early, so you could handle the first Gym Leader. And the first person you battle isn't a forced battle, so you can walk right past him.
    5 + 6: Could you point them out? Describe them a bit?

    Originally Posted by Maruna View Post
    From what I've seen so far, I like it. It's pretty simple, but that's not a bad thing. More scripts to change though. The Aides in the lab still talk about Prof. Oak.

    What I absolutely love are the starter choices. They fit the theme perfectly.

    Not crazy about the male hero's design though.

    Something odd I noticed is that all of the events seem to repeat. Not sure if this is intended, but I ended up picking up both Psyduck and Slowpoke.
    ALL of the events? And when you picked up Psyduck and Slowpoke, did you also happen to faint before reaching the first PokeCenter?

    Pokeymenz Am-nee-shaaah Beta 4 Released!