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Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
jagold, what does "pipz" means?
I already replied to your question in the past, I.C.
Haven't you saw it?
It means people for short. :D

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
And btw, where will you first venture in Johto DJG?
Ilex Forest.
Oh, and how's the spritegoing? :\

Originally Posted by Ice_Moltres View Post
hey DJG... why dont you make an alakazam or kadabra to be a move remover so people can get rid of HM and also a move tutor to remember move?
I'll think about it...
Yet, thanks~

Originally Posted by EnirevTux View Post
Anyway, is my beta-testing of Beta 3 official?
Yeap! See the team in the first post.

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