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    Originally Posted by Skeetendo, Inc. View Post
    I'm guessing that would be a bad silver rom, it doesn't do that when I play on VBA. Could also be something odd with your settings or if you have some other program runnign it might be causing it all to lag.
    Yeah, I'm using VBA too, and mine's playing fine.

    Ooooh, so that's the deal with the snoozin' Pidgey. Come to think of it, I think sometimes if you Headbutted certain Pokemon out of trees at night, they'd be asleep, so that makes sense.

    X3 Skeetendo, you are a genius. You're doing something that no Pokemon game for YEARS has been able to make me do.... read all the signs and talk to everyone, just to see what they say. I don't think I've done that since my ORIGINAL Red!

    On another note, is everyone's ID# 10101, or am I just idiotically lucky? o_o

    Also, since this IS a Silver hack, are there Shiny Pokemon, even though there weren't any in the original games?

    *Edit: Bug report*
    When using the PC, Bill's PC already says Bill's PC, even though we haven't met Bill yet. Is that on purpose?
    Also, when opening the PC's main menu, the character will be standing on TOP of the menu. >.> Kinda odd...