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    Ah, finally the demo!

    I've been watching this for a while, so I just signed up now to comment on it!
    Looks great, and plays great, even with the messed up IPS patch it still is wonderful.

    I loved how when you defeated a trainer and it went back to the overworld they would say something, that was an awesome idea.

    The new(ish) Mt. Moon, I love it!

    I love the way Gary gets stuck with Pikachu instead of you Even though Eevee isn't that great of a starter for various battles, he'll be better when you can finally evolve him later on. Also this tells you to catch other Pokémon and train them instead of sticking to just one.

    The random Charmander was kind of questioning... (Stealing from the Police are we? ) but it was good to get one of the other Kanto starters. In the final version you should have the Police say something about it then give it to you and a reason for giving it to you.

    Mt. Moon was kind of tough to get through, too many random encounters in my opinion x_x
    I loved the new look of it though, all the water and the rest made it look like a real cave.

    As for the Rocket with the Raticate, I say leave it in there as a challenge, perhaps lower the levels a bit, maybe to 20-21ish.

    I really liked the mentioning of the guy behind the Museum and going up there and seeing him walk around, also the inside of the Museum was done great, good job, I also loved that Ikamuni! and the TCG were mentioned.

    Perhaps next time put a cop or two in Mt. Moon, just so they can say they are investigating.

    Anyways, overall great job! I'm sure there are things I missed!