Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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    Finished the demo, and it was nice (Of course, I "think" I have finished it, because I'm not gonna use cheats and ruin the fun for the next Beta :x). I thought it would be more close to Red, but I guess you wanted to have your own "deviations"

    Visually speaking, I didnt see problems, good to see the Red's graphics updated on GBC. I specially like how the classic grass tile was changed, it looks better now. If there were more new tiles (not from Red) inserted I may have not noticed them.

    In terms of gameplay, you could say I hoped for a bit more of length, but, meh (it's just that I'm becoming exigent lately on that aspect >.<), at least you left a few things open for discussion. For example, I'd like to know if Brendan'll play some kind of role in the game... :\
    What about the Explorer Kit? Is it really around?

    About bugs, really I didnt pay too much attention. The only thing I can remember now is the advice guy at Pewter's Gym who still has its old dialogue where he speaks about Kanto leaders being stronger than Johto leaders (and I guess you dont want to mention Johto yet)

    As I said, it was nice, a bit short, but still enjoyable. Keep working on it, guys!