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Okay, everyone…are you ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, for a new chapta? ;)



Inside a dark room, a man with spiky silver hair and wearing a uniform that looks like a spacesuit was writing something. Could it be an outline of his great scheme? Who knows. He suddenly stopped and glared at what he wrote, one part made him gasped. .

Plan: Get Destiny Ketchum.

He was not sure how in the world he came up that name. For some reason though, he felt the urge to find and get that girl fast. The man believed she would soon be a threat to his crime syndicated organization.

No one messes with Cyrus and Team Galactic.

How Cyrus started out Team Galactic was a mystery. His past was also not much known. There were a few stories of how he spent too much time with machines and robots, thus led him to hating emotions. At least a Smeargle did not drain his brain, that was for sure.

Cyrus began to chuckle, which then turned to one of those cheesy villain laughs from some cartoons to indicate they are indeed, evil.


The evil laugh not only filled his small office but his hideout place too.


After the three teenagers found out the prophecy predicted by the late Dialga and returned their Pokémon in their pokéballs, they took Route 202 towards their destination to their first city of the journey, Jubilife City. Nothing worthwhile happened at Route 202 (no Pokémon came out sadly), so already they made it to the city in only a couple of days.

The three teenagers gave out amazed gasps and screams when they laid eyes on that city. There were many tall glass structured buildings like the Jubilife TV Station and the PokéTech Company. Many people and Pokémon were walking together and enjoying each ones’ company. Seems like everything was in harmony until…


“I know that voice! It’s Professor Rowan!” exclaimed Destiny.

“Professor Rowan?” asked Damon. “Why he’s here in the first place? Also, aren’t we suppose to be the ones here first, not him?”

Duku just shrugged and then answered, “It doesn’t matter. What’s important now is we must save him!”

Both Damon and Destiny nodded and then the three rushed towards the source of the noise. It did not take long for them to come and saw two blue-green haired people in uniforms, which look like spacesuits, harassing Professor Rowan. No, not that kind of harassment. This is a PG-13 story for goodness sakes. Instead, they kept pushing him back and forth and trying to grab the briefcase, but the professor used it to whack them a couple of times. With faces being bruised, they glared at him with clenched hands.

“Give us that briefcase! We know you have some very important information in there!” demanded one of them. He then pushed the old man down to the ground.

“Yeah, give us that briefcase!” demanded the other, but this one it was a female one. Unusual both look the same but are different genders, huh?

“Never!” screamed Professor Rowan while getting up. “Whatever’s in this briefcase is none of your business!”

“Yeah, because we’ll fight you if you harass him any further!” yelled Destiny in a very heroic manner, pointing her fingers at them.

Everyone turned and saw the three teenagers glaring at them and already had their pokéballs on their hands.

“And who are you guys?” asked the female grunt.

“We’re Destiny, Duku, and Damon, and we’ll defeat you!” exclaimed Damon.

“Huh, just a couple of punks. We can defeat them, right?”

The female grunt nodded and then both of them threw their pokéballs. After the pokéballs cracked open, one revealed a gray cat with a springy tail and another one a purple skunk with puffy cheeks and a white streak on his forehead running through to its fluffy tail.

“All right, let’s get this battle started!” proclaimed Damon.

All three threw their pokéballs and then Turtwig, Eevee, and a Pokémon Damon and Destiny suddenly gasped at. He was a small monkey with brown fur and a flaming tail. The fire type’s huge eyes went wide and then he titled his head.

“It’s a Chimchar,” Duku answered. Destiny and Damon still stared at the Pokémon with squinted eyes, but then they shook their heads.

“Damon, you watch out for Professor Rowan. Duku and I will take care of these two Pokemon.”

Damon’s jaws dropped. He thought this would be his first battle, but that chance would soon be lost.

“What? Why?”

“For now only two is needed and I think our Pokémon could take care of those guys better.”

The boy’s mouth was about to open, but then he closed them and sighed. Damon decided protesting would probably lead him in not joining on the journey with them. Plus, he wanted to still be with Destiny…even if he would have to stay with Duku. True, he does not know Duku very well yet but predicted he would steal Destiny from her, thus he believed it was right for him to call the quiet teenager a jerk. However, why he was not doing anything about it, not making Duku leave the group?

Too wrapped up on those thoughts, Damon gasped when he already saw Glameow and Stunky fainted, full of scratches and bruises. Eevee and Chimchar, however, were left unharmed. After the two grunts returned their Pokémon, the female one pointed her fingers at them.

“This isn’t the last you’ll see of Team Galactic!”

The two Team Galactic grunts then ran off, dust picking up. Everyone just stared at them in confusion but then Professor Rowan chuckled.

“Oh, hey you three. So glad you guys came, and at the right time too.”

“Wait, Professor. How did you get here before us? Also, why you’re here?” asked Damon.

“Oh, I used a flying Pokémon to come here. Also, let’s just say I’m here for something important. And to Destiny, told you this is not going to be the last time you’ll see me.” He said that last sentence with a wink.

Destiny just gave an uneasy laugh. All of a sudden, a huge man in hitchhiker clothes and wearing a hat came in with color pencils and a drawing notebook. He panted a few times and then wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Sorry to intrude but I can’t help but saw you two battle with magnificent skills.”

Damon’s jaws dropped again.

Magnificent skills? I didn’t even get to see it!

Destiny blushed. Duku, on the other hand, just smiled uneasily. He was not too sure how to react. He thought it was a nice compliment, but it was his first battle and he felt weird being praised already. It was as if something already made him a change man. He then frowned.

Oh no. I’m still a quiet boy with a tragic life and am surprised I did my first battle.

All three teenagers’ thoughts were interrupted when the mysterious man continued speaking.

“Anyways, my name’s Jack and I’m an employee at Jubilife TV. I come and draw pictures of great trainers in the making. I want your guys’ permission if the both of you would come with me and I can draw Eevee and Chimchar over at my workplace.”

“Sure!” Destiny squealed.

Duku shrugged and then said, “That’s cool.”

“Great! All right, to my place then!”


Inside the second floor of the Jubilife TV building, the professor, the three teenagers, and their Pokémon were inside a brightly lit room with horizontal stripes on the walls and flowing green curtains. Jack was sharpening his colored pencils, and after he finished that task, he smiled.

“Okay Destiny and Duku, how would you like your Pokémon to be drawn?”

As everyone stared at the man’s drawing pad, he first wrote two names:



“I think that’s enough!” Damon insisted. “I think people will already know what those Pokémon look like.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Professor Rowan informed. “What if someone thinks a Chimchar is a lizard with a fire tip tail and an Eevee a Digimon? Jack, maybe do a black and white sketch of them.”

James nodded and then sketched Eevee and Chimchar.

“I think that should be good,” Professor Rowan praised with a smile.

“Hold on, not yet!” protested Destiny. “There should be color! What if someone will confuse an Eevee with a Vulpix? Also, that would probably make someone think that Pokémon is a shiny, and everyone hates it when someone has a shiny.”

“I don’t think anyone will confuse the Pokémon,” Duku countered. “Pretty much everyone here will know what kind of species an Eevee is, even without color.” He then began pointing at the various black and white sketches. “See, that’s a Poliwag, that’s a Hypno, that’s an Arcanine, and that’s a Porygon.”

“Well, you may know those Pokémon, but what if someone else doesn’t.”

Duku chuckled. “I doubt so.”

Destiny felt her heart pounding faster and faster. For a second she thought steam came out from her ears.

“Can too!”


“Can too!”


“Can too!”

Eyes twitching and feeling like he was having a headache, Jack shouted, “Okay, ENOUGH! Am tired of the argument on how much detail I should put on the Pokémon. I’ll just leave the picture like this and that’s that!”

James did as he said as he just pinned the drawn pictures of Eevee and Chimchar on the wall. Damon, Professor Rowan, and the two Pokémon sighed in relief while Duku and Destiny glared at each other at first and then turned their backs from each other.

“Something tells me those two will fall for each other someday,” Professor Rowan whispered with a chuckle.

“Of course they will,” Damon whined with his head down.


Back at Cyrus’ office…

“What? Two teenagers starting on their journey beat you guys?”

“Yeah, and it was over just like that. It was as if no one else saw it,” answered a female voice.

Cyrus sighed and shook his head. Already he was embarrassed his team members were beaten by teenagers starting their journey.

“Looks like they’re hot on our trail. For now, try to keep an eye on them.”

“Yes, sir.”

After the female grunt hung up, Cyrus closed his cell phone. He began massaging his forehead..

They had beaten my grunts. They should have just shot them or something. That would mean though this story won’t be epic and a waste of time.

In an instant though, he grinned.

Oh, I’ll get them for sure.

Once again Cyrus began laughing in a cheesy manner.


A couple of things.

-One joke “At least a Smeargle didn’t drain his brain,” is actually a joke made by Sike Saner on one discussion about Cyrus. XD

-The scene with Jack not sure how much detail he should put on the Pokémon is inspired by an old discussion of how much detail a Pokémon should have.

-The villain laugh is inspired by a discussion on villains in this forum, muhaaaaaaaaa. =D I’m fine with villains laughing but there has been a few that laughed very cheesy. XD

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Next chapter shall come in late June, after school is over. ^^
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