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    Yay comments! :D

    Jax Malcom: Yes, I'm trying to write something different from the same old journey fics that I've read all the time. There will be no prophecies or destinies or whatnot in my fic. And just to alleviate everyone's fears Claire does have a reason for killing that Pidgey as stated in the preview. :3 And I have and bad news about Claire herself. First the bad news: yes, she is the villain. Sorry about that. =( The good news is the hero is also a very screwed up individual. XD Thanks for all your comments, they were VERY helpful indeed!

    Alter Ego: I want to see the Higurashi anime soooo badly. It seems like that anime was made for me. XDDD But yes, Claire's backstory will be explained thoroughly as well as her motivations for killing that Pidgey (and doing other vicious things). I'm glad you'll be reading! =D *hugs*

    Matt11: I'll try to maintain a high quality quality throughout my fic. x3

    SilverSmeargleSplatter: Heh, everyone's so worried about why she did this; don't worry, it will be explained. I'm glad you liked my description. *bows*

    Thesis: Wow, thank you for reading my one-shot! And actually, Claire isn't overtly killing Pokemon right and left and doing horrible deeds all around. Normally, she's a pretty polite and kind person, and I know professors don't do a background nor mental check on trainers (as far as I know). If there's something uncanonical in my explanation please point out as quickly as possible so I can fix it! Your concerns really made me think, though, so thanks! And I loved your OT guide! <3

    Shrike Flamestar: I've never seen Gundam 00 but your description of Claire is pretty spot-on, though she is mostly calm and kind rather than hyperactive. Haha, I enjoyed describing how Pidgey got strangled so I'm freakier. XD Thank you so much! *gives cookies*
    P.S: I've seen you on SPPF btw.
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