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You know what the secret is to getting positive reviews? Getting better.

You know what the secret is to getting better? Getting negative reviews.

That is, if you stop writing, you'll never get better, and you won't get a positive review either way. If you keep practicing and actually listen to the advice that constructive criticism usually offers, you'll eventually get a positive review.

Everyone sucks as a beginner. It's the truth, but it doesn't mean you should shield yourself from those negative reviews. If you don't get them, you won't have someone to point out what you need to work on, and if you don't know what you need to work on, how do you expect to improve?

So, to be blunt, you're going to have to deal with it for awhile. Everyone gets negative reviews. I got negative reviews. I still get negative reviews. But I still keep writing because it's something I like doing and something I want to improve on. Or, if you'd like a better perspective, think of it like this: if you want to win a talent show, you're going to have to enter. If you don't enter, then your chances of winning will always be nonexistent.

Understand what I mean?
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