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Do you understand how lucky you are to get any reviews? I could go down the front page of the fanfic section and probably pull at least five fics that haven't gotten a single review in weeks, or even months. Heck, I went about six months without a single response in one of my own fics.

Dude...unless you're committed, you aren't going to get anywhere with your writing. Come Hell or high water, you're just going to have to keep plugging away. People may tell you that there are problems with your fic, but at least they are paying attention to you, and that means they care enough about what you are doing to take time out of their lives to help you. It may sound harsh; it may even sound downright hostile, but believe me when I say it's for your own good. You will get better if you follow good advice (even if it's painful to do so), and eventually you will get that one review where the person goes "this is unbelievable! I was completely captivated, and I didn't notice any mistakes."

However, it will take time to get to that point. Don't quit on the very first day you do something: that's what losers do. If me saying that pisses you off, then good. Use that anger to write better. Show us what you've got.