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Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post
Um, I'm kind of waiting for a full XSE tut to come out, but, what would a give Pokemon script look like?
Also, the script is long.
How would I make it so that someone talks first, gives u the pokemon, then talks some more?
Also, the sound when ur given something?
Sry, I'm still a little new to scripting.

#Dynamic 0x800000
#org @main
checkflag 0x200
if 0x1 goto @end
msgbox @msg1
givepokemon 0x4 0x5 0x0
msgbox @msg2
boxset 6
setflag 0x200
#org @end
msgbox @msg3
boxset 6
#org @msg1
= Here, take this pokemon
#org @msg2
= Take good care of it
#org @msg3
= how is my pokemon doing?

there is a basic cut n' dry give pokemon script(it will give you a lv 5 charmander)
[givepokemon] this tell the script to give a pokemon (duh :D)
[0x4] 4 is charmanders number
[0x5] this one is the pkmns level
[0x0] is the value, just use 0, im not 100% percent on what this does, but i know it wont work without it )

for a more detailed givepokemon script check here