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Yaaaaaay! It's finally out! Been playing it since I saw the news. :D

Firstly I'm pleased to confirm (just to those who've been wondering) that removing your previous save file works fine so long as you save in your base before switching hacks!

I'm currently being confused by the Tower of Fate (a very befuddling place indeed!) and thought I might perform better after a good nights sleep, so I will post all the glitches I've found so far... (if these have been identified before, then sorry for repeating them)

Firstly, here's some wonderful text overlaps: :D

There's a typo in this one too - "shange" should be "change".

Another typo - this should read "closed".

There was a couple of occasions when the other characters unlocked (started moving about) before their speech was over:

In this one, Torchic turned around and faced south during Sprinephy's speech.

In this one, Chicorita and Torchic momentarily disappear when evil Pikachu says this, but re-appear in the next speech.

A few more glitches:

This staircase (not the actual one) does not lead anywhere.

A rather serious glitch:

After evil Pikachu's speech (ending with torchic saying "What?"), the screen dimms slightly, the door noise is played and the game freezes, though the music continues to play. I assume that's supposed to direct you into the Tower of Fate, in which case you can walk into the door skipping evil Pikachu's speech.

A small map error too here:

I found it quite by accident, but you can walk freely on this tile - made a nice little shortcut, but I don't think it is supposed to.

And finally, Exxegutor has a rather curious footprint...

Is he on a unicycle? :D

That's what I could find so far... need to sleep (just looked at the clock and it's 1 AM here!)

Plus congratulations to DJG for actually completing the patch - a remarkable achievement. I'm looking forward to the next one!

(P.S. I like the new avatar )