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    Originally Posted by SRkid View Post
    Well... I've lost it all. My file was deleted in Pearl, so I have very few shinies now.
    Oh jebus what happened????

    Originally Posted by 41victory View Post
    Omg how did that happen?
    And on another note EV's ate a pain in the ass...
    They ate a pain in the ass? Did it taste good? lmao

    But I'm certain you mean "Are".
    I can usually have a Pokemon trained within an hour, no big deal. If you want to know how, PM me lol.


    My shiny hunts are at a standstill ATM. Not sure on what to do. Tomorrow I'll continue to level up my Ninetales and decide then. I'll probably go back to Slowpoke, but hatching Pokemon is kinda fun. Thankfully I can do both on separate games and separate DSes.

    Any of my Swarm Pokemon targets are game, as are Slowpoke and Elekid. I'm not hiding anything anymore. =P

    I'm also kinda wanting to check out (the enclosed instruction book) FR/LG and look for a shiny Tangela... since we're left out in the cold. In Platinum they bumped it to Safari Game instead of Swarm.

    How cruel. >=(

    Good luck everyone...
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