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    First off, you're welcome, and I'm glad you weren't offended.

    Originally Posted by solovino View Post
    [*]Note taken on the paragraph between dialogues. Grew too acustomed to hispanic/latinamerican screenwriting, where sequences of short dialogues are placed together (like, for example, greetings). Thanks for the advice.
    I've always wondered why people tended to do that. Normally, when writing in English, skipping to the next line is just treated as a separate paragraph, so that's always confused me. *shrug*

    [*]with regards to the phone hook = hung up, I had the impression that in the case of the old-style phones (the ones with disc dial), the line was cut only after both parties hung up; at least that is they way it worked last time I went to a museum. I will do some little research on the subject, as I've experienced phones with Called ID behave the same, too.
    With newer phones (in the US, at least), if it's functioning properly, putting the phone back into place cuts off the call. This has led to some pretty amusing situations in American romance comedy. (It's a bit of a cliche, of course, but it's one where usually, one party says something incredibly offensive to the other, ends up being hung up on before he can ask her out, that sort of thing.) I'm assuming that with a fancy hotel, you'd have a newer phone, rather than an old phone.

    Thanks, Xanthine. I was not aware of such trick.
    To tell you the truth, I wouldn't blame you. I didn't realize you could do that either until I started getting lazy explaining how you could tell when something's a compound sentence. (The old way I used to explain it -- which was passed on to me by a teacher -- was to cover up part of the sentence with a hand. So, it took longer than just replacing the conjunction or comma with a period.)

    With regards to "A comma is not required in dialogue if you've already got another mark of punctuation": really? Wow... I was deluded by a long time then. I can't believe my english teacher never actually corrected me about that one.
    Odd. I'm not sure why your teacher wouldn't point this out, considering the fact that this is how it's done in English literature.

    But yes. To give a clearer example, this is what I'm talking about:

    "Wow!" said Kim.

    "Is that a chicken?" said Mary

    "I don't think so..." said Bob.

    "No, it is. Look at it from the side," said Larry.

    In the first three examples, you've got the ending marks of punctuation already serving as the end marks. In the fourth, the comma's serving as a period, which is why you need it there. If you inserted a comma after all of these, what you end up doing is essentially saying is the following:


    Is that a chicken?.

    I don't think so....

    No, it is. Look at it from the side.

    In the ellipsis example, you could possibly have the period at the end, but it's not really necessary because the "ellipsis doesn't serve as a period" rule usually refers to if you're omitting something (which you're not in this case). With the first two, you really can't go either way.

    Also thanks for the advise on the adjectives, i particular the ones that should be compounded ("yellow-coloured"). I seem to miss those a lot.
    Just remember that if two words are serving as one adjective, chances are, it should probably be hyphenated.

    Just one question: should I capitalize too item names that may sound too generic ("Potion" and "Soda Pop" come to mind)? I guess the anwser is "no", but I want to make sure where to draw he line if I eventually stumble upon a "Spoon", because in LG/FR, it is actually an item!
    With common items that also exist in the real world (such as soda pop and lemonade), you could probably get away with not capitalizing them. Potion tends to be left capitalized because it's mostly an item that exists only in the Pokemon world.

    Although, really, this is why I subscribe to the "don't capitalize anything that serves as a common noun" train of thought, so you may want to ask around for more opinions on this.

    And on her colours: I wouldn't expect much of a confusion here, given at least the anime confirms that there exists at least geographic variance in the traits of some Pokémon, such as fur, stripes and other markings.
    While this is true, it's also implied that there's reasons for regional variations. For example, the stripes on Pokémon of the Orange Islands serve for camouflage to help the Pokémon blend into a different environment. Emerald eyes just seem like a random trait and therefore a different story here.

    Then, that was years ago, and I haven't seen anything past Johto, so I don't know if that was just an issue with cel shading or whatever technique used... Any good, recent episode picture I can get my hands on for research? has an abundance of pictures from the most recent episodes. You could try there. (And that's probably one of the few times I've ever recommended Serebii as a research site above Bulbapedia or Veekun. As a random note.)

    Alternatively, there are places where you can download the latest episodes. I'd go with Google here.

    I guess I should apply the corrections by editing the first post, right? Is there any way (besides me saving it elsewhere) the original text remains stored for comparison?
    You could probably save it to your computer as a separate document, then attach it as a file in the advanced edit screen.
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