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Originally Posted by ~element View Post
it's good, except, you might want to change the tiles,the fr/lg tiles dont really work in a game.
Im still looking for good tiles.

Originally Posted by JJMcay View Post
cool. the male hero looks a bit chineese with his outfit... i dont know why tho....
Hmmm... I wonder why?

Originally Posted by <~Flood~> View Post
Hmmm...Yea I just noticed this...You seem to have part of the ocean tiles on your path in one of the screens.
Well, mabye you all could help me oput by pointing out some errors? Thanks :].
Originally Posted by ~JV~ View Post
The problem is that Nytkoi probably dont know about the shift thing. Just put the sand path while holding shift then it should work... (or the water tiles)
Sorry, but Im just a beginner. I have no idea what the shift thing is..

Oh, and Im sorry Wichu. :[ Like I said, mabye some of you guys could help me with the tile errors?

Oh, okay. Im sorry you guys didn't like the update. Ill try harder. Wichu, Im sorry, what are map connections? DO you mean the event comment 'Transfer Player' ?
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