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Funny that someone with horrid grammar gets corrected by someone who can't do much better. And sorry if I couldn't have responded to your response earlier JV, but I will now:
1- Just because I'm from Connecticut doesn't mean I don't know what Brain Coral looks like...
2-On Brailip, there's a very good bit of "flat" face effect on the front of its face. The eyes look flat against the head, and if you're going for a cartoonish look like I assume you are from the lips, I would suggest making the eyes look like they're bulging out of the head. The shadowing is all right (except for the stripe on the bottom left), but it looks like it has a beard on the bottom of its face.

For Dhoosnowl (how do you pronounce that?), the light source seems a bit too strong on the front of the face. The line on the beak likewise contrasts too much, meaning that it's basially the only thing you can see in that spot. The left ear also comes out a bit too far (just a few pixels).
And I don't need to respond to the other ones.
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