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Originally Posted by tanzenorkan View Post
hey, mate, not sure exactly what type of format you plan on using throughout the whole game, whether it will be traditional or something of your own design. Regardless of what you choose, I suggest that you make the game movement fast. I am specifically thinking about the large difference between fire red/leaf green and diamond and pearl. In fr/lg, the game sequences moved quickly, for example, the transition from free roam into a battle was fast, and then from selecting an attack to executing the attack, to the enemy attacking was fast. In D/P, it was very slow and frustrating. It takes forever to get through simple battles like farming the elite four. So, I suggest that you make your transitions between different screens and options fast, which may seem obvious, but my biggest frustration with D/P was how slow it was, so I thought I'd mention it. =)

Best of Luck to you!
I don't really know; I haven't had many requests for that, so i am not sure of what other's think of it. But if people say they want it. I think it can be added.

Thank you, always a pleasure hear consruction ideas and comment
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