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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

Remember my previous update?
Shouldn't be too hard to spot, for it's just a few post above this one...

Anyways, I also plan to add pictures of the Elemental Masters of LoG.
Here's a screeny of the first Elemental Master, Janice, the Wing Guardian.

I don't plan to add pictures to the rivals though...
Putting these pictures takes a lot of offsets... -__-

Thanks pipz~


no... inserting the MD sprite doesn't fix the glitch...
however, I thought of another way of 'fixing' it...

it ain't advance though...
it's easy to do, but complicated to understand, especially since I am trying to get rid of the pallete glitch...

yeah, they were magnified...

I'll think about that.

erm... you do know this is the third one, right?
anyways, thanks~
Thats a Extreme update. but I love it!
Good Luck.
(Dont those pictures Waste much space?)
And the last one has MUCH better quality.
Hacking is becoming more advanced.
(First the rijion boot screen, now this)