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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Nice... Keep it up!
I like the new Oak building, but please change the grass...
Thank you and Request fulfilled

Originally Posted by Buizel 9 View Post
Nice updates again good work.
GL !
Thank you.

Originally Posted by .Pichu-kun View Post
Great comeback Tehx4. XD

I like the school and lab tiles.
Anyways, good luck~
Thanks and credits to Jesse of course for the lab and pals for school, cheers. Now for update

Today i bring you a review and some nice screenshots of further events at the school.

Here we are with Vrai's review of it enjoy :D

Review of Pokémon: Underground Adventures

Review By Vrai.

One of the first things that I notice about the hack is the lengthy plot. It, unlike most hacks, is very descriptive and somehow captures my attention. I must say that I quite like the whole “Chapter” idea, whereas the story begins to show changes.

However, to counter that, I don't think that the entire storyline should've been put up there.

The screenshots look nice, and the tiles have been inserted well. Palettes also fit, for the most part.

However, the titlescreen is what bugs me. I can't really read what the title says with the fancy lettering, and I thought it was called “Underground Adventures”, not “Legend Version”? ~From Author: Thats the old version of the game

Overall, I think this is very deserving of the HotW #18 award it earned, although it'd be cool to see some more updates, Panda.

~Thanks Vrai!

Now to the pics and updates :D

First of all i have been adding the inside scripts for the main office of the school and the Training grounds where you meet your rival and friend. its a maze and your friend finishes before you. You meet him here and this happens.

Now for the unvailing of the Time trveling script... Hugh Celebi lives at the school. I said to much.

~Teh Panda out

Mystic still in work to let you know...
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