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    Fanfiction and Writing Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines
    Your friendly guide to posting in FF&W

    Welcome to Fanfiction and Writing, otherwise known as the section without another name. So you want to post and read fanfics? That's awesome! But first, it helps to have a working knowledge of what is allowed in this section. That's what this handy topic is for.

    For now, use the Prefix selection when making a new thread, so that readers can know if your thread is a Pokémon story or an original story.

    The PokéCommunity Community Rules are in effect here. The rules that are followed without exception are as the ones listed below:

    General Community Rules Followed in FF&W

    SPAM is not allowed.
    Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are posts with little relevance to a thread. Members are not allowed to create posts that are devoid of content or invaluable text.

    Posts must have at least 25 characters and 4 words.
    All posts are required to have 4 words. The community has a physical 25-character limit to each post. No exceptions are given to this rule, and no one is allowed to override the limit (no "*stupid character limit*", filler text or anything like that), except for in forums which have a description saying you can. The Diamond and Pearl Battling and Trade forums, for example, permit it.

    Everybody is to respect other people on the board.
    Do not flame, bash or insult other people. If someone acts uncivil, or harasses/intimidates you, you are not given the excuse to act the same in retaliation. Language in the forum must not be offensive to others - words such as "gay" when used in a derogatory manner must not be used. Do not press upon other members' religious beliefs.

    FF&W rules

    All stories must be readable.
    Stories are best shared in a readable manner. This means that proper English grammar rules should be followed as best as possible. When you finish writing your chapter, take a day to let it rest before reading it over for typos and other mistakes. If you believe that you are not good at catching your own mistake, ask for a beta reader in the Beta Place.

    Your first post of your thread must contain a part of your story.
    Do not use your first post for author notes only. Include either the first chapter or your prologue in your first post.

    Do not post unfinished work.
    If your chapter is not finished, then there is no need to post it. Use a word processing program to type your fic in so you can have all the time to work on it. An unfinished chapter/story will result in a closed thread.

    Rate your story properly, with proper warnings.
    Rating your story protects your readers. Your readers rely on warnings in your story to make sure that they do not read anything they would not want to read. Two rating systems can apply here. Either the film ratings, or the literature ratings.

    Only the author may bump their thread when posting a new chapter.
    If you are not the author, you may not bump the thread in question. For the author, it might take longer than a month to write a chapter. They are allowed to bump threads to only post their new chapter. Any other reason to bump their thread or anyone else bumping the thread will result in the thread being closed.

    Plagiarizing is not allowed.
    Do not steal another person's work and claim it as your own. If you are found to have done this, then a permanent four-point infraction is given to you.

    Only well-written script fics are allowed.
    Scripts are used sometimes by inexperienced writers because they see it as an easier way of writing. Unless your script fic is more than just dialogue, it will be closed. You may use script for your dialogue, but also include narration and description.

    All reviews must be constructive.
    When reviewing another person's stories, it must be constructive. When you read someone's story, you should say something specific that you liked about it if there is something that you like. If you didn't like something about the story, mention it specifically. Reviews that are not constructive will be deleted, and warnings/infractions will be handed out.

    Post your story on the forum.
    When you wish to post your work on PC, it is better to post your chapters here than to link to another site. Reasons for this include the previous rule of "Your first post must contain part of your story", and the fact that some reviewers prefer reviewing stories on the forum. Also, this could technically count as advertising another site for unnecessary reasons.

    No threads purely on one type of poem.
    Threads just for one kind of poetry can get messy with everyone posting their own poems in it. If you would like to have a collection thread, you can have one just for poems written by you.

    Feel free to PM/VM the current moderator with any questions, concerns, or comments. These rules are subject to change at any time to meet the needs of the section and its members. All updates will be announced in the title of the thread.

    Current moderators:
    Slayr231 [PM]

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