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If you could point me in the right direction for the Crystal commands, I'd be happy to correct it.
The new commands are values 0x52 and 0x9F. This means:

Crystal’s 0x00–0x51 correspond to Gold’s 0x00–0x51
Crystal’s 0x53–0x9E correspond to Gold’s 0x52–0x9D
Crystal’s 0xA0–0xA5 correspond to Gold’s 0x9E–0xA3

I haven’t compared 0xA4–0xA5 to see if they match Gold’s 0xA2–0xA3, because offhand I can’t think of any scripts that use them. Can you?

Crystal’s 0x9F appears to have the same effect as Crystal’s 0x9E (“9D Commented give item code” in Tauwasser’s doc). I haven’t noticed any difference in output. However 0x9E definitely matches Gold’s 0x9D exactly.

From 0xA6 on there are some new scripts as well. In general they have unpredictable effects because many of them are for the Japanese mobile trade system. I doubt they are of any use—although now that I think about it there is a possibility that some may be used in the Battle Tower. /

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