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    Yay, I'm ungrounded! =P

    So yeah, this morning, I flip open the GBA and encounter Registeel. I was tired, my GBA Lighting is bad, and I was in poor lighting as-is. And I thought I saw a shiny Registeel. I wasn't entirely sure, but I soft reset the game. I'm worried it may have actually been shiny though, but I can't be sure. I'm still going strong for it. 2,350 SRs. I've switched from Tangela to One Island to Level Up Marowak and Parasect for now, to Spore & False Swipe the shiny I choose to hunt to death. Moltres, here I come!
    So not anything much going on, sadly. Hopefully you can all have some good luck, and that I wish upon you. Peace.
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