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    I would've posted this on Wednesday or yesterday, but since my laptop's internet settings got disrupted, I had no access to my campus's internet. (It was resolved by a System Restore, which I could've probably thought of...:P) But, anyway, moving on...

    Update! (Haven't had one of these in a while, have we?)
    Well, I fixed up the Pier, so it's now got some rocks to prevent movement, a whirlpool blocking access to the other side of the island, and a house on said side which will house something I haven't really thought of yet. Might be a feature from RSE/FRLG, but I haven't decided which. I've also mapped the cave, which will have a basement floor, its ground floor, and a second floor. The basement floor runs under the Pier's water, so it'll take you to the other side if you don't happen to have a Whirlpool-knowing Pokemon with you. Most of the HM-related events there will assume you've gotten to use Rock Smash, Surf, and Strength through badges, and I may toss in a Flash for the basement floor. I'll post some screens of all this later, once I plan out what items will be available, and fix up all the Strength/Rock Smash/missing Surf events.

    Meanwhile, Pingu's online on Yahoo, but he's stepped out, so I'll drop him a line about the CBS and we'll see what happens.
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