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    Originally Posted by master95 View Post
    hey I have a question
    Today I traded a Charmander with a Mankey with the help of VBA Link and when I use it for a battle it tells Charmander Gained A Boosted EXP. Points, has it got PokéRus???

    and I used two VBA's, IIRC the Charmander battled a Rattata before I traded it, did it get PokéRus from that??
    No, traded Pokémon gain 50% more Exp. It's nothing to do with PokéRus.
    Originally Posted by pokerus34 View Post

    Earlier in the threads...

    Someone mentioned about the UMBREON things....

    Well, i already have an Umbreon... I traded it. :)

    Now here's the thing...

    What about ESPEON ?

    What about it? How do you evolve it???

    Just confirming :)...

    P.S. = Only 207 more to complete my PokeDex! :)
    It evolves into Umbreon similarly to Espeon; level-up at max happiness at night time. I'm not 100% sure on what's counted as night time in R/S/E, though, so try saving it, evolving it, and if it evolves into Espeon, reset and wait 12 hours before evolving it.