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    Yeah me too, something like almost struck by lightning or attacked by a wild pokemon during the storm and Sands refusing to come out to fight. It did almost feel like an anticlimax on that respect, but then she was only 10 years old; venturing out for the first time so what seems like just a thunder storm can be doubly true if you're alone out in it, soaking and terrified of being attacked by a pokemon when your partner won't come out in the rain. Being in a storm is seriously scary, trees make great lightning contuctors. O.O Maybe adding more to her fear in the flash back may help, what was she worried about most? Why was this storm partically scary for her? Why should we feel for her being scared?

    Love her idea of getting the orange life jackets, very sensible and practical and they fell overboard!! Gah suspense! How dare you end on a cliffhanger! Kidding! Great so far and it does make sense not to battle on the ferry, silly kids. The characters are developing well and the flow of the story has kept me wanting more. :D

    Will they be seen and rescued by the ferry, a passing boat or water pokemon or will the mercilless sea drag them to a strange island? Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion ~
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