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Well mate, you know my thoughts on this great document. I like it so much that I have linked it in my siggy I thought I would help you out with replying to some of the comments

Originally Posted by HFI View Post
This is true most great hackers
Baro, The The The The The, Disturbed and many others

Have left hacking I think hacking is dieing most people want to make a game but dont have the attention span to do it then they try they make a mistake and they have to restart again but they choose not to I think this is a informational report about the lack in hacking
Seconded. The great hackers have left PC, Rom Hacking is dieing in quality, not quantity, and there is no way to deny it.

Originally Posted by IIMarckus View Post
ROM hacking is bigger than it’s ever been. The hobby is hardly dying, and the lack of inspiration you see has always been here. That does not mean that nobody does good work.Look harder; several high‐quality hacks have been released or are being heavily worked on. Good hacks are very naturally rarer than the mediocre ones.

That’s some nice poetry, though.
No, Rom Hacking is dieing. There is really no way to deny to be honest. It may have grown in quantity. But the quality is quickly decreasing. Yes, good hacks are rarer. But they used to be more common than now. And the newer hackers, have been making five hacks in a week and stopping. No inspiration, this document makes me hope people with idolize the "higher tier" of hackers.

Originally Posted by baseballscooper View Post
I agree that very few hackers and hacks stand out from others. I can think of a few people that I would consider stand outs. People like DJG Goodies, Atlus, HFI, Watermelon, and that's about it. But hopefully someday a newbie like me will consider me a great hacker or a standout.
Yes, still loads of hacks standout from others. I consider a lot of people standouts, only from the current breed of hacking. But, I am relatively new so, I cannot put my name up there next to LaZ, Panda, DJG, Watermelon, Cierra, Poképal17, Zeikku, TB Pro, Surf and many others.
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