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    Hack name: Pokemon Yellow Blast

    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: A very small hack to make Fire Red more like Yellow. VERY. SMALL.

    Finished percentage: I have to start over! 0%

    Your hacking skills: I can do the overworld to my satisfaction, which does not involve custom tiles. Small hack, remember?
    Also, I can change the starter Pokemon, change what moves the Pokemon learn, edit sprites a little, edit trainers, and a VERY SMALL amount of scripting (My weakest point!)

    What help or skill you're looking for: I need a person who can script most of all! Also, I need a person who can edit the Title screen and a person that has a working version of Advance Text.

    Additional contact information: hobusu.general` (Replace the ` with @)

    Additional information: If I can have the help of all of those people, then this might be on the verge of getting half-way to the Developing Hacks area.