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    nevermind ill post it now

    Name:Jesse Kanolye
    Age: 15
    Gender: male

    Appearance: Jesse is 5'10 and about 120 pounds.He is very skinny and has some but not alot of muscle.He has messy short brown hair.Extremely dark green eyes and a nice smile.He always has on his lucky white hightops that have a black thick line that starts at the tongue and runs down to his toes.He has a black and grey hoddie,Drak blue jeans and a black backpack.Equipped with lots of pockets his belt is equiped with six slots for pokeballs

    Personality: Jesse ie very loud and outgoing.But can easily become very shy and quite during certain circumstances.He acts very weird around girls.Doing weird things tio get them to look at him.He is terrified of bee pokemon like beedrill and Combee and will run away in site of them.He loves sweet and spicy foods and will usually mix the two together.He likes to try new things and loves Grass and Water pokemon

    History: When jesse was ten his dad passed away in a fatal work related accident.The power save belt of one of the helping Machamps snapped.Causing it to lose control of its movements.It swung the metal girder it was holding which slammed into Jesses dad Marcus.Killing him on impact.Jesse has been unavle to leave for his journey.Due to the pain of losing his father.His mother is a famous coordiantor.She has taaught him everything she knows.It was hard for him to pick which path to follow.But in the end he decided to honour both his parents by mixing there specialties.He always practices battling with his mothers Roserade and Rapidash.

    Warm them please!!

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