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    I have all of the Eevee evolutions (Gen2), all of the items I need, Money gallore, all of the badges and pretty much everything's perfect.
    Except I can't get past the Lighthouse. I have the secretpotion but for some reason, it won't let me use it on the Amphy. The trainer with it still only ever asks me to get the medicine.
    If anyone could fix whatever I seem to have messed up, that would be awesome. Don't worry about taking off all of the cheats, I have the file saved on my pc.

    Game (Required): Pokémon Crystal
    Player's Name: Scarlet
    Starting Pokemon: Cyndaquil
    Playing time : 8:56
    Number of Badges: 8
    Location: Glitter Lighthouse
    Team (Required):
    Flareon L.34, Shiny, Custom Moves (Cheat)
    Jolteon L.30, Shiny, Custom Moves (Cheat)
    Umbreon L.50, Shiny, Custom Moves (Cheat)
    Vaporeon L.30, Shiny, Custom Moves (Cheat)
    Espeon L.36, Shiny, Custom Moves (Cheat)
    Pokémon in box: Yes.
    Box 1: Eevee L.26
    Box 2: Unown (10) All L.5
    Additional information: Pokedex - Seen, 146; Own, 13. Items, Key Items and Ball Slots: Full
    Current Noticeable Cheat Enabled: "Always on Bike"

    (I've attached my gameshark cheat file as a picture also. it wouldn't let me upload the file itself)
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