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    Quick links:
    If you're anything like me, then you're probably annoyed that all the names of Pokémon, moves, items and abilities are in ALL CAPITALS. But you probably can't be bothered to go through them all with AdvanceText to decapitalise them.
    In my game, Amethyst, I've already decapitalised everything, using a combination of scripts and manual editing. So it wasn't hard to write a script which would change the relevant data in a ROM (possibly the first ever instance of ROM hacking with RPG Maker?).
    Anyway, here's the patch for FireRed. I only changed the actual names of the items, not the text of the events; for example, it still asks you whether you want BULBASAUR. You should be editing the events anyway, so that's not a huge problem.

    Oh, and this is just for FR at the moment. I could make one for Ruby if anyone's interested; it would only take me about 10 minutes

    EDIT: Found a bug; I must have done something wrong. I've removed the download link for now, and I'll put it up again once I fix it.
    EDIT2: Fixed it; I accidentally wrote the D/P Pokémon names to the ROM too, overwriting some important code. The new patch should work perfectly. Also, here's some screens of it in action:

    EDIT3: Corrected another bug where all Pokémon after Nidoran were missing letters from their names.

    EDIT4: Here's the patch for Emerald! It's the same as the FR one, other than (obviously) the offsets are different, and the Emerald-exclusive Key Items are in it.

    EDIT5: Since I've done FR and Emerald, I might as well do Ruby too So here's the patch for Ruby.

    EDIT6: Okay, this is completely unrelated, but cool nonetheless. In the past hour, I've resized and indexed every Platinum Pokémon sprite for D/P Pokémon (#387 to #493; both front and back). Resizing was done using an RGSS script, and I found a much faster method of indexing than that in the tutorials (no IrfanView at all ). All indexed+resized Platinum sprites. I might have messed up the transparent colour on one or two of them, since I was doing it pretty fast, so tell me if there are any problems. By the way, you'll also have to insert their palettes, as I didn't make them match any existing ones. Unless you're really lazy, you should be doing that anyway, as it makes your hack look much better.
    Credit to Mastermind_X for originally ripping them.

    EDIT7: Just realised that front and back palettes don't match, so the shiny front and normal back sprites will look weird when inserted. I'm working on a way to fix this

    EDIT8: Here we go; after another hour re-indexing the sprites, the front and back sprites have matching palettes (i.e. the shiny versions and back sprites will now display properly when inserted in a ROM) For some reason, Shellos has a colour in its back sprite which isn't in its front sprite... Anyway, just click the download link again to get the updated version.

    EDIT9: Fixed some minor palette errors. Redownload to see the changes.

    EDIT10: Again, a few more palette errors have been fixed. I also spent some time inserting the sprites with unLZ-GBA; if you like to automate stuff (like me) and can make a script/program to automatically write data to a ROM, I also uploaded the already compressed sprites here. I don't know how many people will find this useful, but there's got to be someone there who will...
    To insert the compressed sprites into a ROM, simply read it from the relevant file (files ending in 'b' are the back sprites/shiny palettes), and write it to your ROM at the desired offset. You'll still have to edit the pointer tables (do this automatically if you want, too).