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Size: whatever the largest size an avatar can be
Image: Magikarp and Arceus
Text: Times have changed...
Colour Scheme: whatever matches the pokemon
Extra: have the starting guy in themiddle with the magikarp on the left and Arceus on the right. the text can be anywhere visible

Type: Banner
Size: 500 x 197

Image: Have a Dialga, Palkia, Arceus, and other stong pokemon pics.
Text: Niksmart1a - The EV and IV Master
Colour Scheme: Something like a darker color
Extra: Have dialga on the left, arceus in the middle, and palkia on the right. make them huge and faded in to the background. the other strong pokemon (just like 6 or 7) have them surrounding one little guy with a pokeball in his hand. have the pokeball almost look like it's glowing if possible.
it looks almost like this, but fit to size and with an arceus also faded and a few other things.

thanks! if there is anything you need, just PM or VM me!

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