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Welcome to the new Fire Pokemon Club, where all of us embrace the flame!


1. Follow the standard rules that apply to all clubs. If you do not know what they are click here to find out.

2. Topics should have reference to Fire Pokemon in some sort of way. New members (after the club becomes established) cannot post topics for a few days after joining, but may still answer them and talk about anything related to Fire pokemon.

3. Gross Inactivity or rule-breaking may lead to expulsion from the club. In the case of inactivity, you may reapply again. If you are kicked because you broke too many rules you will not generally be allowed back into the club. If you think this is unfair, message me, however if you are persistent rule breaker you will need to try very hard to convince me of anything.

4. Enjoy yourself and feel free to talk about anything about the Fire type, as long as of course you aren't insulting the Fire type in general or any members. Remember, there is a difference between constructive criticism and an insult

5. Pictures are allowed to be posted, but keep them to an acceptable size. Not massive pictures please as this takes time to load up especially for folks not blessed with a fast connection or a decent computer, if you think its too big you can always have it in spoiler tags, Banners, artwork etc. is welcomed as long as it's either original or you give credit to the artist who originally drew it.

Like this :D

Member List

Owner Of The Club
Crimson Arcanine

Co-owners (2 max)



Credits to iDawg

First post will be updated whenever I get the chance. If anyone its capable of doing something snazzy looking message me about it

Updated very recently. I will update when I can.
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