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Don't you DARE tl;dr me; the Table of Contents

The Bits and Pieces Shoved Under the Bridge - How to make it Unique

Much like with Fan Fiction, when we talk about Uniqueness, we’re talking about what sets it apart from other plots in the field. There are different types of roleplaying genres and a good long lasting roleplay is the type that people experienced with such genres have never seen before. For example, one of the roleplays I’m in right now is a school setting. The characters go to classes and suffer through detention just like you and me. Oh, did I happen to mention there’s a group of assassin like people after our characters for no apparent reason at all and it’s driven the group into a rather raunchy part of town and they’re still following us? This is an example of a School RP genre with a ridiculously wicked twist that isn’t something you would’ve ever suspected in the sign up phase. It’s nothing pulled from any one particular inspiration and it obeys the basic laws set down by the canon. Here, from my observations I’ve been making since I joined this site, are the seven main categories and their basic canon requirements. Yes, there are more categories than the ones listed that have been used. You should be able to decipher your non-listed genre as well, using the same guidelines. If you can’t, throw it at me, I’d be glad to help. :3

The Genre Stereotypes. We think Journey’s the emo kid.

Journey. The most abused genre out there. Its basic canon requirements are the starters, the pokedex and the world map. It does not require particular age groups tho most make it the generic 10-13 year old sort of deal getting their pokemon for the first time with all the bells and whistles. Remember how I mentioned earlier that professors don’t have to give out pokemon? Keep this in mind kiddies. Keep this in mind. A good portion of PC is sick to death of journeys so if you’re going to do one, make sure it gets the ball up and flying.

Tournament. You need prizes, a reason to be participating in the tournament and rules that are enforced or not enforced depending on the competition. Note that you don’t necessarily have to eliminate players, tournament genre roleplays are great coverups for dastardly deeds.

School. You need a school. You need qualifications to get into said school. You need classes. You need some sort of twist to make it so you don’t fall asleep posting a post in a segment about a lecture in a classroom. Enough said. Timeframes, if you remember my segment awhile up, are very easily manipulated. Keep a tight leash so you don’t get people roleplaying in different parts of the week/month/year and be INCREDIBLY specific in ANY time jumps.

Pokemorph. This is the style of roleplaying that I’ve found to be the most dangerous in terms of rulebreaking. For some odd reason, from what I’ve seen, Pokemorph = Hormones = Romance = Above the Rules Romance. The canon guidelines for this roleplay often include pokemorphs, pokemorph hunters and pokemorph supporters and often times runs into the stereotypical ‘YOU B DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME BCUZ I AM A POKEMAN’ and this can stir up a darker sort of fic. Be careful. Nobody wants to see their hard work go down the drain, ever. As an RP Master, you have the right to tell people to knock it off if they start to inch closer and closer to that all important rule line. It’s also part of your job. If they get too out of hand, tell a mod and make it known you won’t support that type of nonsense. Watch the racism, watch the guidelines and keep to it. You’re in charge. Just like Captain Planet

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. See above. The only difference in many ways between some of the issues in Pokemorphs and Mystery Dungeon roleplays is that you’re a full pokemon and you were once human. You mostly have one of two types: you were once human and are now a pokemon with no knowledge of pokemon or you are a human who knew of pokemon and is now a pokemon. Your main goal is to return to being human and there are hurdles in your path. Metagaming, which is when you take outside knowledge and put it into the roleplaying word that your character wouldn’t feasibly know, is one of the biggest issues in these roleplays. If you were human and had no knowledge of what a pokemon even was, you don’t know that your head slamming into a tree is called headbutt nor do you know that at level 16 you’re going to evolve. Keep in character and keep your knowledge separate from your characters.

Evil Team – Canon requirements for this are simple. You’re part of an evil team. You have a rank of some sort. You’re doing bad things. You’re avoiding the good guys. If you use canon teams, you can go back in time before the canon teams did bad things, just make sure you stay in canon. These teams are fun as can be and are certain to provide entertainment, just keep a reign on your members but make sure you don’t powerplay. It’s suuuper easy to do in both an Evil Team roleplay or a Good Team Roleplay and I promise you, it’ll kill support from your players and could kill your roleplay. :D I know because it killed the first roleplay I ever led on PC and I learned this lesson the humiliatingly hard way.

Good Team – Almost the exact opposite of the evil team, Good Teams are a group of people who band together to take down the bad guys for whatever reason. Ranger roleplays almost always fall into this category. However, unlike their evil predecessor, there’s a problem some Good Teams face that can be hard to handle. The sometimes need for a spy from the bad guys. Sure, you can have a spy in either Team style of roleplay but the Bad Team is less likely to bond as tightly as the Good. With the bad, you’re all bad, you’re all keeping secrets and keeping distance. It’s easy to slip off and report to the other side. In a good team, you’ve more than likely got people who wish to make it a family affair. Sneaking off and reporting has more risks involved that need to be covered or you’re breaking a fundamental rule of roleplaying. It’s like if you did a Yugioh Roleplay with card games and skipped your opponent’s chance to respond or had a Pokemon battle and didn’t give them a chance to offer a counter. It’s bad. Make sure your members, if you have a spy, roleplay out sneaking away to contact the evil people. Suspicions are delicious you know and keep people guessing. <3

With these general guidelines in hand, you must take from the other areas [setting, timelines, protagonists, antagonists etc] and throw in a few bits of yourself into your plot. If you can do this, you’re going to create something that’s much more readable and eye-pleasing as well as something that will last at the very least a good several months on PC. If you follow what I’ve preached, I can almost 100% guarantee that you’ll pass the PC guidelines and get your role-play approved. I’m not staff so I can’t 100% promise you anything but the tips I’ve given you are the tips that fall under the protocol of the rules themselves. :3 Meaning I’m giving you the tools to smile and nod and follow the PRP rules while still keeping your soul very firmly within your own person.

The Sappy Credits. Get a tissue why dontcha.

I do hope this guide has helped you in some sort of way but I couldn’t have done it alone. :3 Thank you, my social group friends who gave me a reason to write this, thank you to the gang on msn/skype for dealing with my tl;dr [too long;didn’t read] segments. Thanks specifically to Gummy, Mishi, Valentine, Signomi and Beachy who have done the majority of beta-ing this guide, you’re all such amazing people. And then there’s that one guy. Chris. ‘cuz without his comic relief, I would’ve pulled my hair out. <3 Thanks to Adam for putting in the quick links [you think I can make any part of PC obey me? What do you think I am, shiny colored?] and BeachBoy for the cute directory up above. Thank you to Mr-Man-In-Red for the link to your roleplay and, last but not least, thank you to my two mamas and my doggie, for putting up with my spazz attacks and encouraging me that I really don’t fail at life. <3

One last bit before you leave, like I promised, I’ve left my finished plot below as well as commentary on how I changed it and what parts of the guide I used to change it. :3 at some point, it’ll be submitted so find it if you want to see what some of the points in this guide can do in a real life scenario. Note, what the final product ends up being may not be what’s in the spoiler. I often change my ideas, like most of you all, several hundred times before actually shoving it through.

Once upon a time, [I like to start the plots in a different way than most people. Once upon a time gives the notion of a book being opened; a story has begun] in a land across the sea, there lived a kingdom, or rather there lived two kingdoms on a continent that was often very hard for ships to get to thanks to the treacherous sea currents in the area. [Basically I’ve given a quick overview of the world map here. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s hard to get to via sea currents. It has two basic powers in control] Thus, the land itself was very isolated for several hundred years. [I’m mentioning it was isolated because isolation answers the question as to why they’re behind, technology wise, from their regional neighboors like Kanto and Johto] When researchers came across this land many years later, they heard of the tale of two kingdoms, Lumaria, a kingdom nestled in the heavily forested regions of the southern half of the continent otherwise known as the Moon Kingdom and Tegnor, the cold empire of the north, nestled in the frigid cold mountains. [I’ve named the two countries, as well as listed the general climate of each. It’s important to keep them different and separate, so as to avoid two countries that have no need to argue with eachother. When you have two different climates, you have two different sources of materials people could be fighting over.] The White Empire, as it was otherwise known, was known to be the harsher of the two countries, its kingdom holding its citizens in an iron grip. The entire nation was collectively sealed within a large wall that surrounded its borders. The people within, for the most part, lived happy lives within the cities and while it wasn’t a pristine sort of paradise, it wasn’t horrible either. That is, as long as they obeyed the ruling powers. [Here’s our overview of country 1. It’s a bit more wealthy sounding than the south and it seems all fine and dandy if you ignore the heavy rules etc set on your shoulders. The walls and fortress make it seem powerful and fierce while strict and controlling.] The southern country, while it held a ruling noble family, ran under more of a parliamentary system with a basic division of the major elements of rule with the ruling figurehead having the ability to veto particular prospective rules and regulations. [The southern country, in comparison, is more laid back. Like hippies except not.] Polar opposite countries, tensions were often very tight between them, relations thin and few. A failed arranged marriage here, a border spat there, it was only a matter of time before something boiled over and boil over it did in the spring some ten years past. [Here we’re explaining the relationship between the countries. It’s bad to have countries that always love eachother all of the time but it’s unrealistic to think they wouldn’t have ever tried to make things tolerable between eachother. This is also leading into a tragic event which is the transition to the next part of the plot.]

Known as the Dawn of the Bloody Blossom, it was on this very eve that the second largest city in Tegnor, Al de Halden which just happened to sit near the border, was targeted by an assault so devastatingly cruel it left the city streets, which were sprinkled with the blossoming cherry tree petals, coated in a thin layer of blood. [Descriptive death, horrific event, lotsa pain and suffering. Here we have the beginnings of the conflict.] Thought to be an insurgency caused by those frustrated with the empire, it was later revealed to be the supposed work of the Lumarian Kingdom in an attempt to begin a conquest against the Empire. An invasion. [Introducing a possible conspiracy theory. People see death; people want people to pay. Logical next step is to enact revenge.] Thus, over the course of the next ten years, small border fights began to appear more and more and travel between the two countries became impossible except through flying transports, heavily guarded by the Merchant’s Guild. [Introducing a neutral party. Important for the sake of supplies.] In truth, the only ones who did not realize the growing conflicts were the children too young to comprehend what was going on. [Indicating with this bit that this effects everyone, including people not directly involved.]

This eternal stalemate has lasted now in earnest for 5 years. [Time Jump. Now we’re in the ‘current’ time.] Weekly breakouts of small, localized conflicts are happening more often than not and the powers that be have begun to feel its effects. [War sucks. It’s starting to get ugly.] Berelinde, the young princess of the Lumarian Kingdom, has stepped forth in the wake of her father’s, His Royal Majesty Karel Alexander Mathias Lucon, ill health to maintain control of the throne. [Enter Princess.] She has become more and more disheartened at the sight of her people in such a dismal state and made an attempt to connect with the young emperor on the throne of the Holy Tegnorian Empire, in an attempt to distill the conflict. [Indicating how the conflict is escalating and how one side is trying to establish peace.]

Such attempts failed and as the land began to cry out, the tender hearted princess cried out in anguish to her suffering people, desperate for a way to alleviate the dismal straights. [With diplomacy down the loo, the princess is starting to get upset..] It was around this time that a man appeared, covered in soot and dressed in rags, at the palace. [Enter Plot?] His story….was hard to believe. He told of the former emperor’s death and the young emperor’s rise to power and the people that were now pulling at the young emperor’s strings, or so it would seem. [Old Emperor is dead, Baby Emperor is no longer a baby.] He told of the devious child’s true intentions, of a plot to obtain certain artifacts from around the world and was intent on using them to unlock the door to the other side. [Emperor is trying to do something that could be bad.] Disturbed and confused, the princess looked into the matter. What she found shook the young girl to her core. Tales of destruction, on a massive scale, and more suffering that her country currently faced were more than likely in the future of this sort of power was released. [Emperor is going to do something colossally stupid.] The matter needed looking into but with most of the orb locations, as well as the chamber the final summoning act would take place in, being in the Holy Tegnorian Empire, the princess had to play her cards with the upmost precision. [Princess wants to find out what’s going on but the Emperor has the home field advantage.]

She has gathered a team of six people. [I absolutely hate the usage of the word ‘you’ in a plot. This is my version. Those six people = you, the players.] The messenger, from the Tegnorian Empire branded a traitor by his people and outcasted into the streets. Two of her closest advisors, one of royal blood and one of military wit, that she has known since she was a little girl. Finally, she has asked the aide of three visitors from a third continent far across the western sea. These three strangers hold secrets to them unlike anything the world has ever seen and there are rumours of their supposedly unwilling participation in the princess’s quest spreading deep within the kingdom. [These are my ‘canon’ characters. I’m giving you the basics you need to use to build them..] The six, who were instructed to meet up in Halden Ville, the Port City of Hope, have been instructed to first seek out information, as well as head towards the first orb location. [First plot twist, dead ahead!] Mystery clouds the entire region like a thick fog of early morning. What lies inside the misty walls…is anyone’s guess. [This conclusion kinda stinks, I’m admitting that, but it would work if push came to shove. It leaves a hint of mystery while explaining the basics.]

Something I will say tho. :/ warninghissingmikaalert

I worked over a month on this thing. v-v I’m fine with being cited, meaning you steal a paragraph and give me absolute credit, in other guides but so help me Mewtwo, if you steal any part of this and intentionally reproduce it without my electronically signed consent, I will not hesitate to find a staff member to throw a book at you. >:[ I’m a very nice person, but I have my quirks. This is one of them. Ilu all, but don’t claim my work as yours.

Mika, signing out~

[And yes, I did double post. I had Alter's permission seeing as I broke the character limit by 15k. X3]
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