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Hm. Igniscale, huh? Well, I like the rest of your starters. Especially Brelaphant. But Igniscale? Totally not a Charmander with armor. No siree. That there is one bona fide original fire starter. Never seen its like before. Yep.

...If you can't detect the sarcasm, then what I'm basically saying is that the fire starter is kind of disappointing. :/ Yep, I know you had trouble with it, but it's not too hard to come up with at least a semi-original animal to base it off of, right? If you're having that much trouble, I could give you some suggestions, OR you could hold a contest with your fans to see who can come up with the best concept for you to use. Eh? Sound all right?

Love how the game is coming, although I wish there was a bit more info in place of simple eyecandy. That's it though. ;D