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But I can't find a tutorial ANYWHERE on how to edit level up moves or TM/HM moves on GSC (preferably Gold though)
Starting at offset 0x427BD (Gold) is a list of 251 pointers. Following a pointer will lead you to the evolutions and level‐up moves of each Pokémon. The pointers are in Pokédex order.

For instance, the 32nd pointer, at offset 0x427FB, leads to offset 0x42C46. Following it leads to this sequence of bytes:

01 10 21 00 01 2B 01 21 08 1E 0C 18 11 28 17 74 1E 1F 26 20 00

The bytes through the first 00 are evolution data, which has been explained elsewhere; the bytes through the second 00 are move data. The format is simple: two bytes, where the first is the level and the second is the move. Therefore, these bytes are interpreted like so:
  • 01 10 21 — evolves to Pokémon #33 (Nidorino) at level 16
  • 00 — no more evolutions
  • 01 2B — Leer at level 1
  • 01 21 — Tackle at level 1
  • 08 1E — Horn Attack at level 8
  • 0C 18 — Double Kick at level 12
  • 11 28 — Poison Sting at level 17
  • 17 74 — Focus Energy at level 23
  • 1E 1F — Fury Attack at level 30
  • 26 20 — Horn Drill at level 38
  • 00 — No more level‐up moves
The level‐up data is never any different from this, but here are more examples of evolutions.
Also, whats the recommended Hex editor, I'm using Windhex.
Windhex is a fine hex editor. /

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If you want to hack Pokémon RBY or GSC, read, read, and read some more. This has tons of valuable information.

Pokémon Red disassembly project

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