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Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
Hi, i just registered, only to post here (and, sorry in advane, my c nearly never works)

I just want to show you my levelscript, ooley:


#org 0x6BEF70
#raw 0x2
#raw pointer 0x86BEF76
#raw 0x0

#org 0x6BEF76
#raw word 0x7000
#raw word 0x0
#raw pointer 0x8802634
#raw word 0x0

#org 0x802634
checkflag 0x204
if 0x1 goto 0x8801F22
checkflag 0x201
if 0x0 goto 0x8801F22
applymovement MOVE_PLAYER 0x8801F24
waitmovement 0x0
msgbox 0x8801F2D MSG_NORMAL '"Prof. Gink: Hallo ihr beiden!\nHeu..."
applymovement 0x2 0x8801F2A
waitmovement 0x0
msgbox 0x880203C MSG_NORMAL '"Sandy: Nein, ich will dass [player..."
msgbox 0x880206A MSG_NORMAL '"Prof. Gink: Nun gut. Also [player]..."
setflag 0x203
setvar 0x7000 0x1

#org 0x801F22

' Strings
#org 0x801F2D
= Prof. Gink: Hallo ihr beiden!\nHeute ist es soweit!\pDa ihr beide gestern 14 Jahre alt\ngeworden seit, bekommt ihr heute\leuer erstes Pokémon!\pIhr könnt zwischen 3 verschiedenen\nwählen. Also, Ladies first, wie\lman so schön sagt!\pSandy, du darfst als erstes\neins aussuchen.

#org 0x80203C
= Sandy: Nein, ich will dass [player]\nzuerst wählt!

#org 0x80206A
= Prof. Gink: Nun gut. Also [player],\ndie Pokémon liegen dort auf dem Tisch.\pSuch dir eines aus.

' Movements
#org 0x801F24
#raw 0x9 'Step Up (Normal)
#raw 0x9 'Step Up (Normal)
#raw 0x9 'Step Up (Normal)
#raw 0x9 'Step Up (Normal)
#raw 0xFE 'End of Movements

#org 0x801F2A
#raw 0x3 'Face Right
#raw 0xFE 'End of Movements

I followed exatly you tutorial, and revised it 4 times, but I don't find the error. When I enter the map I put this level sript on, nothing happens. Do you know why? Or anyone else?

Thanky in advane

Edit: And does anybody know why some sprites have strange colors with ''showpokepic''? Bulbasaur is normal, but Charmander is black and blue
Well, you shouldn't use checkflag in those type of level scripts... If you want to do something like that, see pokepal17's post above or read part two of my level script tutorial.

But for it not working, I would suggest changing the Var, to something like in the 4010-4FFF range. Post back if it doesn't work out.

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