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    Thanks a lot for the 'power' I suppose Aaryn, I don't really care what posistion I'm in. --- Anyways, thank you SO much Shiney Green Men for posting the list of poke'mon. I was too lazy to do that for the time being -nervous laugh.- Anyways, can you do me a favor, and Post a red X in the box, if it's not too much trouble. -Nervous laughter again,- Also, swap your posts, since YOU have the second post. If so, cool, if not, no worries.

    [X]Vulpix[Caught by ---]

    EDIT!:Just play your game, we are NOT looking for specifics (all though we might later). Just make catch em all! =P Thank you for your enthusiasm in all of this guys.

    EDIT!:Also, I can take care of the list for you if you want. I'd take it as an honor -geekishly salutes.- ;
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