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Please don't use these sprites for any purposes unless stated. And if used, with permission, then please also give Credit.

Thank you.

- Eeveelutions;



^I'll be making all of the types, so, of course this section will be updated^

- Pikagod(s);

(The stuff around his cheeks is steam...I had to freedraw it, since torkoals steam didn't work too well with how I wanted it to...)



Delta Speices;
Mew (Shining):


- Fakemon
(Bigfatgranny asked me to make a Scizor Evolution for his upcoming hack, still in the scrapbox, but soon to be progressing hacks. Here's what I came up with based on his wants & needs)



Professor Oak(HS/SS style):
//this is a 16x32 version which can be used in ROM Hacking.I'll be adding more frames and other OW(s) later on, as well.

Ship Cpt.(D/P/P style):
//Resized, reposed and 16x32 frames that I used in my Hack, but hasn't been released.

^Free to use with Credit given^

Scale Down(s) / re-Outlined;




//first scale down of a HS/SS sprite. I'll probably add more later on when I need them.

^I may make more in the future. If you use these, then please Credit ^


I'll be updating more as I work on other pixel projects.

If you'd like support this hack, then please add this to your sig!
Pixel Placement - My Pixel Art Showcasing thread;
You can see the latest concept art for exDelta here, along with some other things related and not to the hack!