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Originally Posted by Hedgehogger View Post
I got to say, that's one impressive story. And the extra recruits who join you also have some interesting backstories. But if you can recruit more than 6 Pokemon, how will you be able to switch members of your party?

And I got an idea: Since you said there were flashes that eradicated everything in their paths, maybe you could make some tiles that look like patches of burnt grass? A few smashed buildings?

Anyhow, this hack looks awesome. Only wonder what the gameplay's gonna be like.
Thanks for the comments As for the recruits - I've already come up with a solution to that problem. My original plan was to have it so you could only have five main recruits, but when I realized that people might not like having so little customization in who they fight with (and that many RPGs let you cycle through a group of fighters to rearrange your team whenever you like), what I did to solve that problem is have certain bushes function like Lanette's PC (the fact you can collect only a finite number of items in Ruby also made me realize having a place to put your items was a good idea ' ). You can decide which team members are "active" (as in, they'll appear for you to battle with) and which are "on reserve" (are still travelling with you and will appear on over world events, but won't be on the active battle roster). My ideal situation would block you from being able to put "yourself" in the "PC," but I'm not sure how to do that ' So for the time being unless I can figure out a solution, you're able to put yourself on the "reserve" list (though you'll obviously still appear on the overworld XD ).

As for tiles like that - I've already been working on them the past couple days, where scripting took a back seat and I put my efforts into finishing more sprites and tiles. I haven't put a map together using some of these new tiles yet, but when I have I'll get some more screenshots

To Naturekeeper: I finished the Pichu's backsprite (and three frontsprites - one for battle, and two different ones for your "trainer card" ) the other day, ribbon and all. Thank you for offering, though!

In other news - finally, some creatures other than 'Chus have overworld sprites now. I finished the Pachirisu shown earlier, and also added in Ledyba, Spearow, and a recruitable character named Freya, a Pidgeotto whom you encounter very early on but cannot have join you until later. When I get more done concerning her, I'll post her sprites, stats, and bits of backstory. I'm also gearing up for some story-progressing scripts and "trainer" battles
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