Thread: Ruby hack: Pokemon: Super Rising Thunder!
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    Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post
    Thanks so much! ^__^ I thought the site above was affiliated with Kyledove and WesleyFG for some reason, and I didn't realize at all that they were hosting the tiles without permission and that we weren't allowed to use them. I'll fix this right away and will post new screenshots with the off limit tiles removed - thank you again for letting me know!
    Yeah, I know. Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but if he wanted to be an ass, he could have sued you...and you don't want that, do you? I know it must be a downer to have to replace those tiles, but it'll look fine without 'em. ^-^
    I forgot to mention that everything looks great. I love the way you combined the trees in your maps. ;D
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