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Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro] View Post
Yeah, I know. Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but if he wanted to be an ass, he could have sued you...and you don't want that, do you? I know it must be a downer to have to replace those tiles, but it'll look fine without 'em. ^-^
I forgot to mention that everything looks great. I love the way you combined the trees in your maps. ;D
Nah, you didn't sound like an ass at all It was something important that I needed to know, so no worries

And thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it New screenshots with the offending tiles removed; and showing some new scripts, should be up tomorrow or the next day (And I'll use the VBA Screenshot function to take them this time, not PrtSc! XD )

@PatJamma I'm pretty sure the sue comment was a joke XD As for our Pichu hero, he can only be a hero, and not a heroine (since there really isn't any way to have the game give you a pokemon of the same gender every time unless it always has a set gender - and I figured that would be easiest for everyone concerned, especially me, to simply set a gender XD ). The intro simply shows you your player character in two different poses (coloring, scarf, everything is the same except the pose - even the default name options) and asks "which picture you like better" rather than "are you a boy or a girl."

(...Though now that I think about it, I could simply edit another pokemon to be a clone of the player Pichu - similar palette, same base stats, same movesets, same in every way except that it's always female...and doesn't have a Pichu's cry ' If I was any better at hacking the cries and having them sound good and not like staticky messes that glitch things up, I might entertain this idea...but for now, I think I'll leave things the same ' )
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