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    1. *hylian*sakura*+ Person who wants to destroy all that I believe in
    2. Derozio+ New friend whom I will teach CSS to in the near future
    3. jigglyppuff8+ Omgestrogenoverload!
    4. Miles_Edgeworth- Not worth it for Dogboy lol jk ilu
    5. Misty4Life+ Oh, man. I wish I could tl;dr about you, Mist, but it'd be too many words...or perhaps it'd be too much fail in diction from me as to how to describe what a great friend and person you are. Great friend, always there for your friends when you are online, which scarcely happens nowadays <3 (a friendly heart, Joe, don't get your man up ;P)
    6. Netto Azure+ Guy who does Modly things...though not too often :x *shot*
    7. Shelly de Killer-
    8. Went+ Victor...leave something when you're visiting, gosh :P
    9. xXI JOE IXx+ Awesome guy, my bestie on here along with Mist. I can trust this guy with a lot of things, and he can trust me. Our bond is strong like Akiko's jam and Sanae's bread combined :P
    10. Yami_Dogboy- Hello, Dogboy.
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