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Pokemon Special Adventure

Program made in: RMXP
Language: Ruby, Rgss
This is not a hack game

PSA has a story based on the famous comic Pokemon Special, but in addition, we added many outline stories about the whole new quests. We provide you Kanto, Sevii Islands, Johto, Hoen and Sinnoh region. It also includes a new region and the brand new advantures to the cities which has 7 wonders of the world.

  • Take Picture: 100%
  • Pokemon Following Character for all 493 Pokemon: 100%
  • Custom battle graphics and backgrounds: 100%
  • Dual Screen System: 100%
  • Unown Puzzle: 100%
  • Touch Screen System: 100%
  • HGSS PokeDex Style: 100%
  • Balance in Pokedex like Diamond/Pearl/Platium: 100%
  • Battle backgrounds auto change in different time of day: 55%
  • Secret Base: 5%
  • 1 new region
  • New Sprites for characters
  • New Evil Team: Team Shadow
  • Mission System


  • 12345: Tilesets Maker, Ripper
  • Dante-96: Spriter
  • Golytion: Spriter
  • Help-14: Scripter, Spriter, Programmer, Owner
  • Incognito322: Tile Maker
  • Luckystar_1121: Spriter
  • Nosman: Mapper, Graphic Updater/Fixer, Co-Owner, Beta Tester
  • Ponyta: Graphic Designer
  • Raichu_is_Awesome: Grammar Checker

  • Spriter
  • Mappers
  • Scripters
  • Tilesets Maker, Ripper or Editor
  • Grammar Checker
Contact me in MSN: [email protected]

  • Alistair: Tileset
  • Alucus: Tileset
  • BRPokeMaker: Sprite
  • C.N.C: Tileset
  • Deeelove: Userbar
  • Dew: Tileset
  • Gensard: Sprite
  • Godlytion: Sprite
  • Kirbichu: Sprite
  • KyleDove: Tileset, Sprite
  • Luka sj and Alexandre: Pokemon Animation Script
  • Mecurysky: Tileset
  • Newtiteuf: Tileset
  • Poccil: Pokémon Essentials
  • PokemonDiamond & Fangking Omega: Logo
  • Spaceemotion: Tileset

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