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After having no where to look for a list of sound raws, and nobody having the time to make one and publish it, I decided to make my own. It's ever expanding as i go farther in, but currently i have a small list of things, I'll add more later today, or when I have time again.

For clarification for people who don't know how to use sound, (mainly beginner scripters) It's really simple, just put sound, then 0x_ blank being the sound you want to use, so for instance sound 0xB for the bike ring ;D

List of raws for sound:
0x0- No background music playing, same thing as playsong 0x000 0x0
0x1- Potion heal
0x2- Using PC
0x3- Closing PC
0x4- Open PC
0x5- click, as if selecting somethinng
0x6- Opening a menu or the start menu
0x7- Bumbing into a non-passable object (i.e. mountain)
0x8- Door opening, same sound when using setdooropened/doorchange
0x9- warp noise
0xA- noise as if jumping over ledge
0xB- bicycle ring
0xC- ineffective attack noise
0xD- regular attack noise
0xE- Super effective attack noise
0xF- Sending out pokeball
0x10- Pokemon Faints
0x11- pokemon run's away
0x12- slide door opening
0x13- random noise, sounds like swooshing, maybe S.S Anne
0x14- " "
0x15- Bing for !, ? and
0x16- A negatory noise for a computer
0x17- Loading pokeballs in pokemon center's healing machine
0x18-Computer noise
0x19-" "
0x1A-" "
0x1B- Exp bar loading
0x1C- Floor cracking, as if on ice or weak floor
0x1D- " ", but different, as it is quieter
0x1E- Something breaking
0x1F- Footsteps?
0x20- ??
0x21- Falling Boulders/Objects
0x22- clink
0x23- frozen status noise
0x24- switch/button
0x25- falling object from the sky
0x26- Falling object from the sky hitting ground
0x27- Teleport (sabrina's gym)
0x28- teleport return
0x29- phss noise
0x2A- pokenav select
0x2B- truck noise part 1 (neverending pause afterwards)
0x2C- truck noise part 2 (neverending pause afterwards)
0x2D- similar to 29
0x2E- truck door opening
0x2F- machine humming (never ending)
0x30- save noise
0x31- pokeball wiggle
0x32- " "
0x33- " "
0x34- " "
0x35- pokeball open
0x36- pokeball throw (when catching)
0x37- low note
0x38- higher note
0x39- higher note
0x3A- higher note
0x3B- higher note
0x3C- higher note
0x3D- higher note
0x3E- highest note
0x3F- stepping in water

Added some more after a long absence 1/26/10

If there's is any questions, don't hesitate to VM of PM me.
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