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Quick Research & Development Thread

This thread is for small-scale research and development that can be solved in a matter of, say, five or six posts (or less). If you think of something you want to investigate but think it is too minor or shot for an entire Research & Development thread, or discover a small titbit of information that, on its own, would not warrant a whole thread for itself, just post it here!

Posting format

When posting your researched articles, please post them in a format that can be easily understood. Along with posting all your research on the matter in hand, please include any website links, offsets, subsidiary information and the likes when posting your article. Posts that are unclear in their message or that miss out vital information will not be added to the directory, for the sake of convenience and ease of access.

Thread rules

All posts must follow the posting format above. In addition, posts must follow the rules detailed below. (Of course, please ensure that you follow the PokéCommunity global rules, as well as this subforum's local rules.)

This is not a Simple Question thread.
This is purely for quick research, don’t ask your ROM Hacking questions unless they are undocumented enough to warrant research. Simple Questions should be posted as unique threads in the Beginner's Lounge subforum.

You should have a minimum amount of knowledge on the matter in hand.
We expect that you’ll have knowledge of ROM Hacking and at least a small idea on what to do with what you've found out.

Reviving old topics in the thread is forbidden.
Unless you've found significant research and the case was unresolved in the first time of posting.

Thread Directory

To make navigating this thread easier for everybody, the posts in this thread are linked to in this directory. It is split into a few categories, and each link is marked with a prefix. The meaning of these prefixes is explained in the Key at the bottom of this post.

Mechanics Research

Scripting Research

Graphics Research

Audio Research


Directory Key

[RG] - Japanese Red / Green
[RB] - Red / Blue
[Y] - Yellow
[GS] - Gold / Silver
[C] - Crystal
[RS] - Ruby / Sapphire (usually just Ruby)
[FR] - FireRed / LeafGreen (usually just FireRed)
[EM] - Emerald
[DP] - Diamond / Pearl
[Pt] - Platinum
[HGSS] - HeartGold / SoulSilver
[B2W2] - Black / White / Black 2 / White 2
[XY] - X / Y
[ORAS] - OmegaRuby / AlphaSapphire
[PMD] - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (not necessarily the same versions)
[OTHER] - Not necessarily specific to one ROM, or not Pokémon-related
[Part #] - Links to other posts that expand upon or correct the first part

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