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Pokémon Sienna, Beta 1 Official Release

Well, there's a few things I need to say on the matter. I beta testing and I think I've eliminated all the problems there was. But, there are a few side notes I'd like to say.

Known Glitches:
  • Because of new battle backgrounds, when you catch/evolve a Pokémon there's a small part of the circle in the bottom right corner.
  • When evolved Murkrow drops from level 22 to 18. I'm going to look into fixing it for beta 2.
  • According to 'The Master', my beta tester, the Colt Forest warps are somewhat glitched too. See section 'warp solution' for a solution.
  • Fakemon icons have NOT been changed. It's just a matter of spriting them.
  • The Heroine only has her walking frames done, when you obtain the Running Shoes, she doesn't have a change sprite.
  • A couple of men play hide and seek when you come from Sian Pass to Nile City. I would fix it now, but there's script tiles and I'm too lazy to re-script them for this beta.
A helpful tip:
This is a spoiler, so the solution will be seen in spoiler tags only. Well, Steven's letter is an invisible item and is incredibly hard to find. It is in the Devon Corporation builiding. If you're finding it hard to find, here's a spoiler to reveal exactly where.

End Note:
If you have any more problems, just private message me them, and I'll work on a solution. The beta ends after you get HM01 Cut.

Warp Solution:
Okay, so before you go into and leave Colt Forest. Save, using states preferably. Then try to enter the warps, if they work, huzzah. If they don't reload your states, and leave the map, then go back and they should work. After you've done this once, that particular warp should be no problem at all.

Located on the first post. Entitled 'Pokémon Sienna Beta 1'.
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