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Maybe it's made of chocolate!
Event information


Hah! Wait my ass!

Another dive into the lonely heart's club of the zombie infected world. We'll be heading straight for the Tunnel of Love this time and hope you can join us for the fun!

The currently scheduled date for the PC event is be February 13th, 2010 at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. The Xbox 360's date is planned for February 13th, 2010 at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Time and date are subject to change.

Leave posts in this thread relevant to the gaming event (for confirming you're coming and/or any questions related to the game or event. Posts deemed irrelevant will be deleted)

He Stole My Heart...Then Ate It Gaming Event

Quickly! Into the Maintenance Tunnel...of Love!

All the information you'll need about the upcoming Valentine's Day gaming event.

For the third time, we're teaming up to fight the zombie infection in the world of Left 4 Dead!

Anyone is welcome to join, naturally, but for those signing up for the PC event, join this Steam group. There's an event scheduler on there and it's an easier way to contact anyone who is playing.

I promise we'll play something different next time. Left 4 Dead 2 was so popular though, we figured we'd try a second time to get even more players!

Event information

Specific information regarding the Valentine's Day gaming event.


When: February 13th, 2010 5PM PST
Other Info: Join the above Steam group and be online, in game, ready to play, when the time comes and you will be invited into a group to play. If the limit exceeds more than 4, we will start with Scavenge and Versus modes.

Xbox 360

When: February 13th, 2010 6PM PST
Other Info: Add Red Dragon 088 to your Xbox Live friend's list. To confirm your reservation for a spot, simply post here with your gamertag so the host will know who to add when the event has started

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