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I'll save you the trouble.
This is the list I have compiled, all the way up to 0xCF
(This is the list Pokepal17 said I gave him... I can't believe he used my real name, lol)
The names of the sounds are MOSTLY improvised.
I knew what most fo teh sounds came from, but some of them are pretty silly names (Yet make sense when you hear the sound)

0x0 - Blank Noise (Stops BGM, not other S.E.)
0x1 - Use Item
0x2 - Log onto PC
0x3 - Turn off PC
0x4 - Turn on PC
0x5 - Click Noise
0x6 - Open Menu
0x7 - Wall Bump
0x8 - Door Open
0x9 - Exit Room
0xA - Jump
0xB - Bike Bell
0xC - Loud Crash (Like dropping of a heavy object)
0xD - Loud Crash (Higher pitch, and with echo)
0xE - Loud Crash (3 in rapid sucession, with long echo)
0xF - Low Pitch Pokeball Open
0x10 - Pokeball Close
0x11 - Flee S.E.
0x12 - PokeCenter Door Open
0x13 - Strange Noise (Like Water at the beginning, then like electricity)
0x14 - Low Pitch crash
0x15 - Super high pitch beep
0x16 - Error / False sound
0x17 - PokeCenter Pokeball Load up (Pokeballs being placed onto the heal machine.)
0x18 - PokeCasino Reel Stop
0x19 - Insert Coin into Machine
0x1A - Buzz (False/fail at Casino)
0x1B - EXP gauge
0x1C - Hop (Like on an Acro Bike)
0x1D - Lock / Break small rock?
0x1E - Unlock
0x1F - Strange Sound (Like a dor being locked, but different...)
0x20 - Strange Sound (A singular version of the previous sound)
0x21 - Crash sound (With echo)
0x22 - Singular Metal attack Sound (Like when using steel wing, but singular)
0x23 - Ice Break
0x24 -  Ice Crack
0x25 - Falling
0x26 - Strange Sound (Super Low Pitch Ice Break?)
0x27 - Warp Away
0x28 - Warp Return
0x29 - Electricity?
0x2A - Turn Winch (Like in Winona's Gym)
0x2B - Truck Driving (Loop)
0x2C - Truck Stoping
0x2D - Truck Brake
0x2E - Truck Open
0x2F - Airplane Turbines
0x30 - Save
0x31 - Pokeball Bounce (Like in a trade)
0x32 - Pokeball Bounce (Quieter)
0x33 - Pokeball Bounce (Even Quieter)
0x34 - Pokeball Bounce (Even Quieter Still)
0x35 - Pokeball Open (Like in a trade)
0x36 - Throw Pokeball
0x37 - Musical Decoration Pad (Low C)
0x38 - Musical Decoration Pad (D)
0x39 - Musical Decoration Pad (E)
0x3A - Musical Decoration Pad (F#)
0x3B - Musical Decoration Pad (G)
0x3C - Musical Decoration Pad (A)
0x3D - Musical Decoration Pad (B)
0x3E - Musical Decoration Pad (High C)
0x3F - Mud Ball Smash
0x40 - Wodden Board
0x41 - Get Money
0x42 - P.A. (Like when an elevator is done, or end of Safari Zone)
0x43 - Water Baloon Pop (Low)
0x44 - Water Baloon Pop (Med)
0x45 - Water Baloon Pop (High)
0x46 - Wodden Smash
0x47 - Wooden Break
0x48 - Poison Afliction
0x49 - Conveyor Belt
0x4A - Conveyor Belt 2 (Loop)
0x4B - Conveyor Belt 2 (end)
0x4C - Loud Noise (Like a low conveyor belt 2) (Loop)
0x4D - Loud Noise (End)
0x4E - Light noise (Like a High conveyor belt 2) (Loop)
0x4F - Light Noise (End)
0x50 - Strange Noise (Like sonething being absorbed into a dark void. Sound goes from high to low)
0x51 - Strange Noise (Like an extension of hte previous sound. Sound goes from Low to Super Low)
0x52 - Buzz (Like a Circular Saw)
0x53 - Low Health Alert (Loop) (Can Not Be Turned Off Without Map Refresh)
0x54 - Level Up Ding
0x55 - Low Grumbling (Like a Diesel Engine) (Loop)
0x56 - Low Grumbling (End)
0x57 - Swipe Sound (Loop)
0x58 - Sell Item
0x59 - Low Ding (Like a really low "Low C" note)
0x5A - High Pitch Swipe
0x5B - High Pitch Swipe (Reverse)
0x5C - Smack
0x5D - Small Noise (Like a person kicking dirt)
0x5E - VS Seeker?
0x5F - Light Jingle
0x60 - Explosion
0x61 - Explosion (After Effect / Cont)
0x62 - STRONG Wind (Or Crowd Screaming? My PC to slow to tell...)
0x63 - Low Slamming sound (Like someone setting down a heavy box.)
0x64 - Red / Blue Orb
0x65 - Computer Chatter (One High Pitch Blip)
0x66 - Computer Chatter (2 Blips, pattern: MedHi-High)
0x67 - Computer Chatter (High Pitch PC on?)
0x68 - Computer Chatter (High Pitch PC off?)
0x69 - Computer Chatter (PC Scanning)
0x6A - Glass Breaking?
0x6B - Light Shuffle sound (Like feet sliding across the floor)
0x6C - High Pitch Quiet Blip
0x6D - Small Sound (Like a twig snaping)
0x6E - Strange Sound (Like low pitch Ice Shimmering, or Use of Flute)
0x6F - Loud Bang (Like a gun shot, but different)
0x70 - Lout Buzz
0x71 - Metal Sheen (Like on steel wing, but a little longer)
0x72 - Curse Attack
0x73 - Baton Pass Attack (Like a swipeing / falling sound)
0x74 - Low Crash
0x75 - Bubble Attack (Launch)
0x76 - Substitute attack?
0x77 - Watyer Gun Attack (Launch)
0x78 - Rain Dance Attack
0x79 - Slash Attack
0x7A - Gust Attack?
0x7B - Very Strange Sound (Like a downward Spiral?)
0x7C - Rock Smash Attack? (In Battle or not? I Can't tell)
0x7D - Powerful Wind (Loop)
0x7E - Powerful Wind (End)
0x7F - Pound Attack?
0x80 - Throwing Sound (Like Bait in the Safari Zone)
0x81 - Deep Slashing noise
0x82 - Ice Ball Attack
0x83 - Loud Swipe?
0x84 - Deep Bang (Like someone hit something hard with a big log...)
0x85 - Beam Attack Charge Sound. (Like Solar Beam's Charging sound)
0x86 - Deep Bang (Similar to 0x84)
0x87 - Bubbling Noise
0x88 - Throwing noise (Slightly Higher Pitch)
0x89 - VERY DEEP Throwing sound
0x8A - Deep Explosion like sound
0x8B - Deep Wave-like sound
0x8C - Strange Sound (A Smack Noise, tehn a Short Deep Explosion-ish sound)
0x8D - Deep Bubbling
0x8E - Deep Crash (Like a super deep opening pokeball)
0x8F - Deep Fire
0x90 - Deep Smack
0x91 - Low Whirling
0x92 - High Pitch Powerful Wind (Loop)
0x93 - High Pitch Powerful Wind (End)
0x94 - High Pitch Shuffling
0x95 - Loud Noise (No Explaination)
0x96 - Wing Flapping (Singular)
0x97 - Wing Flapping (Decending Octaves, High To Low)
0x98 - Kicking Sand?
0x99 - High Pitch Whips Sound
0x9A - Strange Sound (No Explaination)
0x9B - Whirling Upwards (Short....)
0x9C - Super Strong Wind Burst
0x9D - MEGA ULTRA Strong wind burst. (I think....)
0x9E - MEGA ULTRA Strong wind burst. (Pitch Goes up, then down, more like actual wind...)
0x9F - Small Noise (Like a twig breaking)
0xA0 - Splash Attack Flopping sound (Singular)
0xA1 - Sandpaper-ish?
0xA2 - Small Noise (No Explaination)
0xA3 - Stretching noise?
0xA4 - Speeding up fan? (Pitch raises, that is all)
0xA5 - Sing Attack
0xA6 - Perish Song Attack
0xA7 - Ice? (Souns like when a pokemon gets frozen...)
0xA8 - Noise (No Explaination)
0xA9 - Little Sound (No explaination...)
0xAA - Loud Sound (No Explaination)
0xAB - Explosion-ish Sound
0xAC - Recover Attack
0xAD - Absorb Smack (The sound before the absorbtion)
0xAE - Metal Sound?
0xAF - Aurora Beam (Small)
0xB0 - Aurora Beam (Main)
0xB1 - Confusion
0xB2 - Drum?
0xB3 - Amnesia "?" Appear
0xB4 - Egg Crack?
0xB5 - Amnesia (Deeper ? Sound)
0xB6 - Loud Hover Sound (Decending)
0xB7 - Loud Hover Sound (Acending)
0xB8 - Strange Sound (Sounds like a speed up, then an upward whirling noise)
0xB9 - Smack (With Echo)
0xBA - Wooshing noise
0xBB - Frustration "Angry" Symbols
0xBC - Small Metalic "Bling" sound
0xBD - Whisping noise
0xBE - Rest Attack
0xBF - Shattering Ice
0xC0 - Deep Watery noise
0xC1 - Strange Noise (No Explaination)
0xC2 - Solar Beam (Launch)
0xC3 - Sunny Day Attack
0xC4 - Strange Noise (Sounds like a small absorption, but not from any absorb attacks...)
0xC5 - Strange Noise (Previous sound, in reverse)
0xC6 - Small Noise (No Explaination)
0xC7 - Swift Attack (Singular - higher pitch)
0xC8 - Swift Attack (Singular - Longer)
0xC9 - Swift Attack (Singular - Lower Pitch)
0xCA - Odor Sleuth Attack
0xCB - Small Noise (Like a twig Snapping... again)
0xCC - Strange noise (Like... Ding, Dong... Ding, Dong....)
0xCD - Strange noise (Frustration "Angry" Symbols... highrt pitch)
0xCE - Noise (Decending Sound)
0xCF - Loud Crash (Very Deep)
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